MobiFoto app and Slovenia Nokia App Forum

On 2nd and 3rd of July I participated at Slovenia Nokia Forum Developer Hackaton at Kiberpipa, Ljubljana. Together with Slavko Žitnik we applied with a concept of app, which was chosen. So we spent two days discussing/learning/coding a mobile app together with approx 20 other participants and slovenian/foreign experts from Nokia Forum.

Our first idea was an app, called Shopper, but after discussion we shifted towards an app, called Mobilni Fotograf, MobiFoto. So I won’t go into details, but the principal idea is to design a mobile app with the following purpose: Photos made with phone’s cameras are nowadays mature and so sofisticated that we could easily send them to the photo studio to print them (We can expect that cameras in phones will be even better in the future, so the app will be prosperous). The user could select photos from his Pictures Gallery, select the photo studio, edit photos’ settings (dimensions, colour, paper type) and send them to the selected studio. He could easily monitor the progress of of his order through statuses.  There are also some settings, like would the user pick the photos in person or should they be send by post, what kind of data transfer would be allowed (only wifi?) etc.

We decided to develop app in Qt (cute :) ) for Symbian platform, focusing on touch and non-touch ui. Until now, the majority of work was done by me, therefore I had to dive into c++, Qt platform and symbian sdk. I must say I am quite impressed, I have already developed a mobile app in java me at Hermes Softlab Summer school two years ago but nokia’s tools have really positively surprised me. I like the idea of writing the code once and then deploy it across mobile, desktop, embedded os. The IDE, Qt Creator is free and comes to gether with Qt sdk. Qt Creator tries to resemble IDEs like Ecplise or MS VS (for example they all have visual desginer, although it wasn’t suitable for me at all). Despite emulator being nice, every app must be tested on real phones, I used freshly bought nokia 5230.

Anyway, here are some printscreens of the app (I took them with ScreenSnap app from Ovi store, as this phone does not have this feature by default like iphone). Together with Slavko we are looking forward to publish it at Ovi store as soon as possible, as this was also the intention of the Hackaton.

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