Review of Imagine Cup 2009

So it has passed. On Monday, the 25th of May we (formally the team ByteWarrios, which nowadays consists of only three members) presented our solution in Software Design Category at NT Conference in Portorož, Slovenia.

5-member jury ranked us as the third group, which is exactly what we wanted, for this year :) :). Our intention was namely to meet with the standards of evaluation and to get more inside information about the process of the winner-selection. The award was XBox for each member of the group (the award for the second and first place was free-of-charge participation at NT Conference and for the winners also worldwide finals).

Watch out for us next year :)

Project Name: I See You Know

Short Non-Technical Description:

Project I See – You Know will facilitate the exchange of information about dangers in social and natural environment between various groups of society (public, firefighters, police, civil protection etc.).  Solution will therefore encompass notification system on natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides); periodical phenomena (hunting season, animals relocation); other accidents (cold/heat waves, explosions, hail storms, storm surge, power outage, human infections, car incidents, radiation) etc. As these are mostly unpredictable events, rapid responsiveness, complete and consistent information will be of vital importance.

To provide the latter conditions, sources of information will have to be dispersed and their credibility properly evaluated. Therefore involved users will be: disaster management system, which performs professional protection, rescue and relief tasks; journalists; professional associations, clubs, general public). Community will inform itself about the real-time environmental and natural disasters, threats and occurrences of various contagious diseases at specific location. Possible abuses, particularly those generated by general public users will be prevented with posts of degree of trustworthiness. The ranking of quality of transmitted information will be affected by the number of posts of individual users and others’ responses. More posts, which will be positively judged, will mean better ranking and more points for the user.

Data transmission from the system must be effective, and must therefore use different media, beside web application also SMS notifications, sidebar gadgets; means of data sources for other applications (web services). The system will send notification on incidents to the user, acknowledging his preferences, current location or activity (e.g. »there are bears in the nearby distance«, »in the area of 5 km is high danger of landslides – alert«, »At Sun Hills the drinking water is polluted«, »today the hunting season has begun – be careful«, »the Etna volcano has erupted« etc.). The user will have a possibility to choose from a wide range of categories of information, based on location and intentions. The structure of information will be in accordance with the journal news (concise, basic and straightforward data on what, who, where and when something has happened), followed by tips to reduce the impact of disasters, and to forestall or reduce the number of casualties and other consequences of such disasters.

The name of the project is in accordance with its content; the user, who has witnessed the incident, informs others to take necessarily measurements. It should also be interesting, as the annual tax, Slovenia pays due to natural and other disasters on average amounts to more than 2% GDP.

Used Technologies:

  • MS SQL Server 2008 & Entity Framework
  • Live Services & Live Framework
  • MS .NET 3.5 & Compact Framework 2.0
  • Net60
  • Silverlight 2.0
  • Virtual Earth Control & Geocode WebService

You can contact me for in-depth info.

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