STF, Second Part

We did not get out of the stoneage because we ran out of stone. By Bertrand Piccard.

So, today we continued with the Syntegration process. As yesterday we had to analyze present state, today we had to focus on ideal solutions and tomorrow there will be action recommendations. It was very interesting, an enormous pool of ideas, dreams and visions. What I would especially like to emphasize today, are the keynote speeches. In the morning we have listened dr. Philipp Hildebrand, vicepresident of the Swiss National Bank. He spoke about the financial and economic crisis, possible solutions, needed changes and adoption of new methods in business. What amazed me even more, was the speech of dr. Bertrand Piccard, balloonist, scientist and adventurer, he announced a project for a solar-powered, long-range, one-seated glider named Solar Impulse. The project is dubbed “a great human adventure”. He held speech about the importance of science and greatest achievements, visions, impossible ideas, which were realized (eg. muscular airplane etc., it is all about thinking out-of-the-box). After the whole day of work we are now departuring for a Fondue dinner to the lake of Thun.

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