STF, First Impressions

So, here it is. Swiss Talent Forum. It started yesterday, when I arrived to Zurich airport and then continued my way to Thun by train. We are staying in a nice ambient of the four-star hotel, where everyone is taking care for us. Until now, we have listened numeros interesting key speeches (eg. CEO of Siemens Siegfried Gerlach, RCEO of Swiss Railways Martin Butikofer, Tanja Frieden (Olympic medal winner of 2006), German sociologist and social psychologist prof. dr. Harald Welzer, CEO of Axpo Holding Heinz Karrer, ex-president of the Swiss Federation and under-secretary general of the UN Adolf Ogi etc. ).

Today was the first day of the Syntegration. The principle of it has been presented to us already yesterday. So, 126 of participants are divided into three streams, inside these streams then to twelve groups, each discussing one topic. Each participant is a team member in two groups, critic in two groups and observer in two groups. I am member of Science and Patenting Procedure and Business topics. Members of the team are responsible for the outputs, critic can contribute with their suggestions, but observers must be quiet during individual 50 min sessions of discussion, which is led by scientist. These meetings and discussions will repeat three times, and in the first meeting we had to formulate a definition of a topic, define the structure of the problem and analyze the status quo. Tomorrow there will be the day for presenting possible solutions, which could be applied to the problems exposed today. And in the final day we will have to come up with concrete recommendation. We have the market place of the ideas as well, where we present to each other the problems and solutions we encountered on during exploration of the topic. This principle of scientific method, namely the syntegration is organized by experts from St. Gallen Institute, each participant is a bond between he topics, in which he has the role of observer or critic and has to apply these ideas to his team members, where he takes active role (this is in accordance with the icosahedron structure of the Syntegration).

And, yes, we all got the iPhones with all necessary information about the program, such as keynote speakers, important messages, contacts of the organizators and participants, so we get all the details and updates by mail or SMSs, which makes organization easier and more efficient.

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